Stakeholder-Based Environmentally-Sustainable and Economically Doable Scenarios for the Energy Transition

SEEDS  is a project focused on building an approach to integrate humans into energy transition scenario design, while modelling the relevant technical, economic, and environmental constraints. We are creating a web/app for the use of the general public in Portugal. The project runs from March 2021 to February 2024, focusing on a case-study in Portugal. 

In ICTA-UAB, we’re developing the integrated sustainability assessment methods to achieve the project goals. 


  • Adaptation of Development of the MuSIASEM checker 
  • Construction of socio-environmentally enhanced option space 
  • Quantification of uncertainty associated with the different scenarios 

LIVEN Lab team members: 

  • Cristina Madrid  
  • Gara Villalba  
  • Alexander de Tomás  
  • Ramin Soleymani  
  • Laura Pérez Sánchez 
  • Yoana Kisyova  
  • Sam Marot  
  • Camilo Ruiz 

Funded by the Spanish Research Agency, grant TED2021-132032A-I00