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Meet the team

Core team members

Cristina Madrid López

Team leader

I am the director of the LIVEN Lab and work on the integration of sustainability assessment, computing and citizen science. I am interested in understanding how we use water and energy and the impacts we generate with those consumption patterns. My objective is to contribute to the process of ecological transition by assessing how and if new technologies and policies will help us reach the targets we would like to reach. I was visiting researcher in Twente (NL), King’s College London (UK) and the Center for Strategic Prospective Studies (Ecuador) and completed my postdoctoral training at Yale University (USA). I am a member of the board of the International Society for Industrial Ecology and part of the management committee of the COST action Nexusnet. I am also a mom and enjoy water sports.

Miquel Sierra-Montoya

PhD Student

I am a PhD student at the LIVENlab working in the regionalization of our ENBIOS tool and methods within the projects LIVEN and JUSTWIND4ALL. I am interested in the development of models to study the social and environmental impacts of the energy transition, with a particular focus on wind energy technologies. I completed a MSc in Industrial Chemistry and conducted research in the biosensors and in-vitro diagnostic fields for several years. In my spare time, I enjoy sports, playing chess, hiking and reading thriller novels.

Cristina Pérez-Sánchez

Research technician

I am research technician at the LIVEN Lab, where I handle participatory processes, and collaborate on the projects LIVEN, ETOS and JUSTWIND4ALL. I am an environmental scientist passionate about ecosocial transitions and environmental justice. My curiosity has taken me on a journey across multiple disciplines and places. I did an academic exchange at the Agronomy Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires and worked as a research intern at the Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid, the University of Bergen (Norway) and Madrid’s Institute for Rural Development, Agricultural and Food Research (IMIDRA).

Alex de Tomás

Research technician

I am research technician at LIVEN Lab, where I focus on the development of ENBIOS and the introduction of technological innovations like hydrogen in sustainability assessments in the project SEEDS. I am interested in analyzing and optimizing the environmental perspective of green hydrogen technologies. I am also studying a Master’s in Biological and Environmental Engineering at UAB.

Nikki Harasta

Research assistant

I am a research assistant at LIVEN Lab where I work on the assessment of the marine impacts caused by off-shore wind energy infrastructure in Europe within the JUSTWIND4ALL project. I also am studying a Master’s of Interdisciplinarity Studies of Sustainability specializing in Ecological Economics at ICTA-UAB.

Alejandro Caballeros Finkelstein

Research assistant

I am a research assistant at LIVEN Lab, where I work on the development of Calliope Spain for the ETOS project about the externalization of the energy transition in Spain. I am also studying the Master´s Program in Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability at ICTA-UAB. In my native Mexico, I worked as a junior Investigator at the Energy and Natural Resources ITAM Center doing research on energy security and the impacts of the Sargassum algae in the state of Quintana Roo.


Jesus Ramos


Inés Campos


Stefan Pfenninger


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