Just and effective governance is needed for successful wind energy development.

JustWind4All aims to inspire, inform and activate conversations among wind energy governance actors, such as policymakers, industry representatives and civil society across Europe. Different research methodologies (e.g. impact assessment, energy systems modelling, multi-criteria mapping, case study research) provide knowledge, practical guidelines, and training activities that support the acceleration of on- and offshore wind energy through just and effective governance. 


In LIVEN Lab we are responsible for WP1 – Holistic Impact Assessment. Our work will focus on:

  • Developing new methods for the assessment of wind energy: on-shore, off-shore and airborne.
  • Updating our ENBIOS tool to include those methods.
  • Completing the impact assessment of wind energy implementation scenarios.

LIVEN Lab team members: 

  • Cristina Madrid  
  • Miquel Sierra  
  • Nikki Harasta  
  • Ramin soleymani